Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nine Reasons I am Thankful for Nate

This year, Nate and I decided to do the Twelve Days of Christmas for each other.  It has been so fun to think of twelve days worth of small gifts/ acts of service for each other during this wonderful Christmas season!!  For Day Nine I decided that it would be great to write about nine reasons I am thankful for Nate.  We were on the road nine days before Christmas so this is a little late, but hopefully just as nice :).  There so many reasons I am thankful for Nate!!  Below are nine of those reasons.

Reason #1: I am thankful for Nate because he is so loving towards me.  I love it when Nate shows his love for me through hugging me or kissing me and fortunately for me, he does it all the time!  I love it!!  He is also so loyal.  He is so careful to never say anything negative about me.  I really appreciate this.  Best husband ever and most easy to love husband ever.  
Reason #2: Nate is always looking for ways to improve and become the best he can be.  I really admire this trait in anyone and am so lucky to have that influence in my life daily.  Together I know we will become better than we would have alone.  Best husband ever and most perfect husband for me.
Reason #3:  Nate spoils me with gifts and service.  He is obviously wise and helps me make good choices with purchases, but I love how he wants me to enjoy nice things.  He also trusts me to make decisions on what I think would be a good buy. And he serves me so often.  He is so good at doing things for me that he knows I would appreciate.  Best husband ever and most generous/ trusting husband ever. 
Reason #4: Nate is a pretty funny guy, which I am so thankful for.  He always makes me laugh and I love that because makes everyday tasks much more fun.  And while we are on the topic of laughing, he also laughs at my jokes, which I really appreciate.  I am not near as funny as Nate, but he makes me feel like I am :).  Best husband ever and most hilarious husband ever. 
Reason #5:  Nate tells me I am beautiful all the time. He honestly tells me more times than I can count daily.  Every girl loves to hear this and I am so thankful Nate tells me all the time.  It really makes me feel so wonderful all the time!  Best husband ever and most thoughtful husband ever.  
Reason #6: Nate loves to make me happy.  I really appreciate this because I like being happy :).  But really, he is so concerned for my happiness.  And if I am ever unhappy, which basically is never of course :), he helps me until I am happy.  Best husband ever and nicest husband ever.  
Reason #7:  Nate is a hard worker and really wants to be successful.  I really appreciate this because he will most likely be the one providing for our family and his desire to be successful is very comforting.  It is very nice to know that he will always be giving his best to help make our family comfortable and happy. Best husband ever and most successful husband ever.
Reason #8: Nate is pretty good looking.  I am thankful for this because it is always a good thing to be attracted to your husband and Nate makes it very easy :).  He focuses on keeping in shape and I really appreciate that too.  His focus on health encourages me to do the same, which makes for a better lifestyle for the both of us!  Best husband ever and best looking husband ever.  Below is a picture to confirm the previous statement.

Reason #9:  Nate is such good person.  He is always trying to do the right thing and sets a good example for all those around him (including me).  He always puts what is most important first, which is exactly what I could ever want in a husband.  Best husband ever and best example ever. 

Nate is the BEST HUSBAND EVER!!!!  Everyday I think about how thankful I am that I married Nate.  Merry Christmas Babe!!!


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